About Margot Broug

I am a Dutch born, Newcastle based instinctual artist working in oil, watercolour, charcoal, pen & ink and pencil. I am fascinated by the trajectory of the Creative Process, which for me is the somatic experience of movement, colour and texture.

My art is also instructed by my practi​c​e of holistic counselling, body-oriented psychotherapy and InterPlay (embodied creativity in play).

My studio is at The Creator Incubator in Hamilton-North, which you are welcome to visit by calling 0418 992 166 to make an appointment. Or you can View My Art Here.

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Holistic Counselling www.margotbroug.com.au

“The enjoyment from making art comes from the sensory experience of putting brush to canvas; the interplay of colours; seeing the work unfold as a thing in itself – and, of course, the experience it gives to others.” Margot Broug

Margot Broug in her Studio

Q and A

Tell me about your life

I was born in the Netherlands but spent two years of my early childhood in Indonesia – and then another three years living in different parts of Australia. My Dad was a geotechnical engineer and we moved to follow his work. I have an older brother and two sisters. We all moved back to Holland when I was eight years old.

I started drawing and writing stories when I first held a pencil and especially loved drawing people.

After spending a year working in Paris, I was married to a childhood friend and he enticed back to Australia once more. I was 22 years old.

I first lived in the Dandenongs in Victoria before moving to Newcastle in 2009. After so much moving in my life, I knew I had found home at last.

Following my years of early motherhood and building momentum in my holistic counselling business, I was finally able to make space for my passion and need to make art.

What’s the best thing about creating?

  • Spending time in the creative space, both internally and externally, and
  • The dynamic between allowing and intending, and
  • The intense satisfaction and pleasure of beautiful colours, textures and composition appearing.

If you had to describe your work in less than 5 words what would they be?

Whimsical, philosophical, intensity, levity and mindful.

Have you studied philosophy?

Yes. Until I started finding the self-obsession of philosophers tedious. Right now I find the ideas of universal consciousness and manifestation very stimulating, through the writings and conversations of people like Rupert Spira and Bernado Kastrup. I believe there is a hidden world of possibility, spirituality and connection and that science is starting to understand this through the many startling revelations of quantum mechanics. Art, of course, has been connecting us to this hidden world of connected consciousness ever since humankind drew its first breath of inspiration many thousands of years ago.

Where can I view your art?

You are welcome to visit me at my studio at The Creator Incubator in Hamilton North by calling 0418 992 166 to make an appointment. Or you can View My Art Here.